Bringing borrowers and lenders together through NFTs

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Atap for Creators

The Capital is Accessible Now for Amazon & Shopify Creators through NFT

Creators, Merchants, and Entrepreneurs, you can now access capital to grow your business through NFTs.

The ATAP Platform democratizes access to capital by enabling any person or company to participate in a new diversifiable asset class via blockchain technology.

Intellectual property has often been thought of as an intangible asset class, with the ATAP platform we enable you to leverage your brand and vision to raise capital to accelerate your business venture. Web3 technology represents a pivotal shift in this mindset, allowing anyone to tokenize real-world assets.

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How It Works

Get started with 3 easy steps:
Apply with your brand/ logo/ NFT
Connect your Shopify or Amazon store
Launch your offering
Atap for investors
Invest into the new asset class
Thanks to blockchain technology, you can prove ownership of any asset. Its time to invest in assets in a more efficient manner. With your NFT you have the ability to gain exclusive access to newly -released content, participate in rewards, and earn revenue.
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How It Works

Invest in a smart way in a few steps:
Find a deal you like on our marketplace
Register and provide necessary KYC data
Onboard your self custody wallet
Invest directly via USD or crypto and receive your shares
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